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2012 Award Winners

Excellence in Leadership Award

David Pinder, Principal, McKinley Technology High School


Excellence in Teaching Awards

Sarah Bax, 8th Grade Mathematics, Hardy Middle School

Mayra Canizales, Instructional Coach, Columbia Height Education Campus

Hope Harrod, 5th Grade, Burroughs Education Campus

Valyncia O. Hawkins, 5th Grade, Beers Elementary School

Kristin Schrauth, Preschool, Francis-Stevens Education Campus

Brian Thompson, World History, Cardozo High School

Camille Townsend, 4th and 5th Grade, Ketcham Elementary School


Rubenstein Award

Rubenstein Award for Highly Effective Leaders

  • Harry Hughes, Principal, Tubman Elementary School
  • Caroline John, Principal, Stanton Elementary School
  • David Landeryou, Principal, Key Elementary School
  • Lynn Main, Principal, Lafayette Elementary School
  • Annie Mair, Principal, Cleveland Elementary School

Rubenstein Award for Highly Effective Teachers

  • Laura Amling, Preschool, Powell Elementary School
  • Bethany Bronson, English Language Arts, Wheatley Education Campus
  • Tennille Bowser, General Education, Wilson Senior High School
  • Melissa Bryant, 4th Grade, Stanton Elementary School
  • Kristofer Comeforo, Science, Anacostia High School
  • Kelly Gaines, Intermediate Autism, Ludlow-Taylor Elementary School
  • Drew Gallagher, 3rd Grade, Bruce-Monroe Education Campus
  • Paul Gerber, English Language Arts, Oyster-Adams Bilingual School
  • Scott Harding, Preschool, Maury Elementary School
  • Yolanda Johnson, 3rd Grade, Cleveland Elementary School
  • Jennifer Krystopowicz, Special Education, Tyler Elementary School
  • Josie Malone, British Literature, Phelps High School
  • Asha Mathur, 4th Grade, Murch Elementary School
  • Karen McDowell, 2nd Grade ESL, Thomson Elementary School
  • Rebecca Millner, World History Teacher, Eastern High School
  • Cynthia Mostoller, 8th Grade Social Studies, Deal Middle School
  • Stephanie Page-Baxter, 3rd Grade, Raymond Education Campus
  • Jimmie Roberts, Resource Teacher, MacFarland Middle School
  • Kenneth Robinson, 4th Grade, Hendley Elementary School
  • Jacqueline Smith, 7th Grade Special Education, Hart Middle School

Rubenstein Award for Highly Effective Support Staff

  • Lisa Davis, Educational Aide, Reed Learning Center
  • Eric Taylor, Custodian, H.D. Cooke Elementary School