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2012 Excellence in Teaching Award Winner

Brian Thompson, 10th Grade World History, Cardozo High School

Brian Thompson joined DCPS four years ago after serving in the 82nd Airborne Division of the United States Army and came to the district with a strong desire to continue serving his country in a different capacity.

He takes great pride in teaching at Cardozo and credits his colleagues with much of his development as an educator. “Cardozo has such a proud history, and I am honored to be a part of it.” But his students are the ones who keep him in the classroom. “They bring such joy to my life. I learn from them on a daily basis, and they always make me smile and laugh.”

To bring out the best in his students, Mr. Thompson makes history relatable by insisting that there are no right answers to the questions he challenges them to answer. Rather, he guides students to examine the subject “through their own perspectives, and to use evidence and reason to formulate an understanding of the past.”

When his students face challenges, Mr. Thompson supports them in finding their own solutions, reminding students that “everyone fails at some point in life. The people who succeed are those with the resolve to get back up and try again. I want to provide this generation with the tools necessary to succeed in this world, and help them become better citizens.”