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2012 Excellence in Teaching Award Winner

Kristin Schrauth, Preschool, Francis-Stevens Education Campus

Kristin Schrauth began teaching in DCPS eight years ago as a pre-kindergarten teacher at Ross Elementary School, and she has spent the past two years as a preschool teacher at Francis-Stevens Education Campus.

Ms. Schrauth quickly became involved in the Francis-Stevens community, serving on the Local School Advisory Team and Parent-Teacher Association. Ms. Schrauth has also represented her colleagues at the district level as a member of the Chancellor’s Teachers’ Cabinet.

Before becoming a teacher, Ms. Schrauth served as a social worker in Milwaukee. However, she soon discovered that teaching was the best fit for her. “I like giving children the advantage of a head start in their education and helping to ensure that they are on an even playing field with others that have more advantages.”

As a preschool teacher, Ms. Schrauth understands the important role she plays in the lives of her students. “I work each year to help my students become thinkers and intrinsic learners. I am there to guide them by asking questions and directing their explorations. My ultimate goal is to set the foundation for them to be independent and responsible students, both academically and socially, for the rest of their learning careers.”