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2012 Excellence in Teaching Award Winner

Valyncia O. Hawkins, 5th Grade, Anne Beers Elementary School

Valyncia Hawkins attended Anne Beers Elementary School as a DCPS student herself, and began teaching at Beers eighteen years ago through Teach For America.

Ms. Hawkins is extremely grateful for the education she received as a DCPS student and feels as though the success she found throughout her life began with the strong foundation provided by Beers Elementary, Sousa Junior High School, and Ballou Senior High School.

Ms. Hawkins describes her classroom as student-centered, and a place where students are expected to take initiative and responsibility for their learning. Ms. Hawkins shares, “My biggest joy is when students begin to recognize the intrinsic rewards of academic and social achievement. Knowing that I contributed to this progress is my joy!”

Outside of the classroom, Ms. Hawkins represents her school community in a variety of leadership roles including serving as a school representative for the Washington Teachers’ Union and facilitating at a NASA Educators Workshop.

It is evident that Ms. Hawkins cares deeply for her school community and is grateful for the support they provide to her. “I would like to publicly thank my family, the staff, and the community of Beers for helping me become the teacher I am today.”